Advent Calendars


Promotional and branded Advent calendars

Why not go one step further than Christmas cards this year and treat your clients to promotional Advent calendars? Corporate Advent calendars are an excellent marketing medium - they have a fun factor (who doesn't enjoy revealing a chocolate treat each day?); they can deliver your message loud and clear; and they can keep your brand 'front of mind' for a full month.

We can produce personalised Advent calendars to suit your business profile and your budget. Our service is bespoke, so your branded Advent calendars can be as creative, jovial or traditional as you wish, featuring your company logo as prominently as you choose.

All corporate Advent calendars at contain premium quality milk, dark or mixed chocolate. We pride ourselves on setting the standards in personalised Advent calendars with quality, service and customer care that's second to none.

In the season of goodwill, why not show your business goodwill by sending a gift that will speak more volumes than any Christmas card?

Glad tidings we bring...

Our promotional Advent calendars offer excellent value for money, starting from as little as 99p for a minimum run of 330. We also let our customers know of any order deadlines, so you can be sure to have your corporate Advent calendars delivered to clients comfortably before 1st December.

We're more than happy to discuss your ideas for eye-catching:

  • A5 desktop promotional Advent calendars
  • Budget branded Advent calendars
  • Bespoke personalised Advent calendars